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Published: 19th June 2011
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Sprint Nextel is the third-largest cell-phone network in the United States and Sprint phone plans are perhaps some of the most comprehensive cell-phone plans available. The only way to tell if Sprintís services are for you is to compare their various plans to your particular needs, but when all is said and done, Sprintís ĎSimply Everythingí plan is a prime pick.

About the Sprint "Simply Everything" Plan
The Simply Everything plan is incredibly comprehensive. For one low fee of $99.99 per month you not only get unlimited talk minutes any time of the day or night, unlimited texting (though extra charges may apply if you are not within reach of the Sprint network), free roaming (which means you wonít have to pay Sprint surcharges if you use networks outside of the Sprint system), Any Mobile Anytime (a feature that allows you to call any mobile phone anywhere in the US for free, even if it is not on the Sprint network), And thatís just the basic features of the "Simply Everything" plan!
Besides everything listed above, with "Simply Everything" you also get free photo and video sharing via your phone (as long as it is between phones in the Sprint Network). In addition, you also get unlimited Data (on the Sprint network) at no extra charge, free GPS services as well as free access to music and selected television shows via the Sprint Network.

If you have family you want to add, you can opt for the Sprint "Simply Everything Family" plan for $189 per month. This option includes two lines, as well as all the listed features. If you want additional lines, they can be had for as little as an additional $9.99 per line per month (each line being subject to the same terms and conditions as the original plan).

Keep An Eye Open
One downside to Sprintís cell phone plans (even its all-inclusive cell phone plans) is that the prices are, for the most part, dependent on the user using the features on the Sprint Network. If you are using your cell phone in an area where there is no Sprint network coverage (and are taking advantage of the free anytime talk minutes that have no roaming charges), you have to remain aware of the fact that texting and data do not fall in under the Ďno roaming charges.í

Another thing to keep in mind is that Sprintís monthly rates do not include taxes, sprint surcharges, administrative charges (up to $1.99 per line), regulatory charges as well as state and local fees. When everything is added up, this can come to a good bit more than the $99.99 per month advertised, so if your budget is $100 or less, you may want to look at one of the less-inclusive plans.
As with any cell-phone provider, make certain that you check your areas for service availability before signing up for this or any other cell phone plan, but if you are looking for comprehensive coverage, chances are that you will find Sprint phone plans in general and the "simply everything" plan in particular to be just what the cell-phone doctor ordered.

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